Modern Slavery Statement


In 2018, 40.3 million women, girls, men, and boys were impacted by modern slavery.

Bonded labour, forced labour, child exploitation and human trafficking continue to impact people around the world in 2020.


As a sole-trading consultant with low turnover, I have no modern slavery reporting obligation under law. However, I am committed to sustainability and social impact, and I believe every business should acknowledge the risks and impacts of modern slavery.



I apply upstream partner due diligence when selecting the organisations I will work for. This includes confirming the organisation has a corporate statement on modern slavery and a commitment to mitigating the risks of modern slavery.

Knowledge and awareness

I am committed to continuing to build my own knowledge on managing risks around modern slavery. Through my writing, I advocate for information sharing about modern slavery risks – modern slavery is a risk for every business.


As a consumer of office supplies, utilities and more, I am committed to supporting socially impactful business. I choose to buy from certified B Corporations as much as possible and other small businesses committed to the local community. Examples include Emma & Toms, who gives a crap toiletpaper, KeepCup, TOM organic.  

Inclusive finance

Removing barriers and enabling people to access economic opportunities reduces their vulnerability to slavery risk. I began my journey in social impact with an internship at Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. I continue to support microfinance as an ongoing micro-invester through Kiva



I commit to monitor and track my work against the following indicators:

  1. Percentage of organisations I have worked for that have a corporate modern slavery statement (target - 100%)

  2. Number of posts or articles written about the issue of modern slavery per year (target - 5 in 12 months)

  3. Number of new micro-entrepreneurs supported through my Kiva investments (target – 5 per year)


With a little effort, businesses of all sizes can do their part to address the ongoing risk of modern slavery.